Saturday, 19 May 2012

i love you for a thounsand years.

dear my love;

love which felt so good n everlasting its like a magic that sparkles everywhere whenever were together.I wish,u will never give up on me as how I'd never give up on u sygss.
Just because I love u so much,i just want u to know that i have never been anymore happier if its not because of u...u r my world n u r my everythng..If there comes a day we can't be together,
keep me in ur heart,i'll stay forever...u r the best partner dat i hve,my soulmate,my bestfriend,my laugh maker,my boyfriend,my hearthbeat,my sweetheart,my smile maker,my love maker,n the last will be my future husband(i hope so ) i love u for a thousand year.u knw dat kan sygsss.?lastly,i wish ,our relation will get better strong n stay for a lifetime.iloveu just the way u r.

Juhairi johan:') i miss you every my single day.

terima kasih sebab propa :)


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