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lets study here...


- Main character of the novel
- Studies in England
- Do not have good relationship with her parents especially her father due to her defiant behavior
-Tomboyish outlook
- An outspoken and Independent girl
-A helpful friend. (She claims for letting the bull run loose in order to save Mohd Asraf skin.
- Caring for her sick mother and the old lady


- Beautiful and polite lady
- A submissive wife and a daughter
- Religious and good at reciting quranic verses


-A dedicated popular teacher in a local school
-Independent since young
-Good friend with Azreen
- A caring grandson who is concern about his grandmother's well-being.
- In love with Madhuri
- Plan to take Madhuri to KL

Saleh Abdullah 

- Madhuri and Azreen father
- Not in good terms with Azreen since the incident of the motorcycle accident that made his wife paralyzed
- A manipulative father who let Madhuri become Haji Ghani wife in order to protect his interest.
- An egoistic person who could not accept Madhuri love affair with Mohd.Asraf
- End up killing Madhuri in a fit of anger at the rubber plantation

Haji Ghani

- The village Headman
- Took Madhuri as his second wife
- Neglect his first wife
- A religious and also and influential man
- Hides his wife death in order to protect his reputation


- Pn.Kamsiah obedient daughter
- A responsible and gullible girl


- The lady who spreads rumour about Madhuri death
- A sneaky and malicious woman
- She blamed the old lady visit to Mohd.Asraf house for the continues rain

Old Lady

- An educated person she has the knowledge of herbal medicine to treat illness
- A caring and a concern person
- Lives in an abandon house. Jungle

Datin sharifah & Datuk Zulkifli

- Azreen adopted parents
- Help Azreen financially in her studies at UK
- Even if they are foster parents they still treat azreen as their own child


-The one who forgets to close the gate before leaving the farm. Causing the bull to run loose
-Thankful to Azreen
- Reveals the story about Madhuri


- Hj.Ghani first wife
- Adore madhuri
- Secretly hold grudges against her husband 2cnd wife
-She feels that her husband favours the young wife more then herself
Try her best to win back her husband heart after Madhuri death.
terima kasih sebab propa :)


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