Monday, 23 January 2012


by John Townsend


This is a melodrama about a villain, Lord Septic who is greedy for more power, money and fame. He is even ca[able of committing murder to get what he wants. He owns the railways and is after the Gatsby gold. Crouch, Lord Septic’s manservant is a big bully. Rose is a damsel in distress who meets Percy, the hero. They fall in love and he rescues her from a bloody death at the railway tracks. Later, Percy learns he is the heir to the Gatsby gold and is known as Sir Percy. Lord Septic loses everything.

  • Pride goes before fall
  • Greed is  destructive
  • Innocence and beauty
  • One should be humble about one’s wealth and fame.
  • We should be sensitive to people’s feelings.
  • We should live a humble and honest life.
  • An empty train station
  • A cold foggy night
  • EXPOSITION – Lord Septic, the villain, and his manservant Crouch, a groveling bully, are waiting for the midnight express at the train station. Lord Septic owns all the train stations and he wants wealth and power.
  • RISING ACTION/CONFLICT – Rose, a blind flower girl comes to the station. Crouch bullies her and Percy, the dashing hero comes in to help her. He tells her about himself.
  • CLIMAX – Lord Septic hits Percy and ties Rose to the train track. Percy runs off to try and stop the train coming down the track.
  • FALLING ACTION – Percy stops the train and Rose is saved. Percy learns that he is Sir Percy Gatsby and heir to the Gatsby Gold.
  • RESOLUTION – Lord Septic and Crouch, the villains, are tied up and waiting to be picked up by the police. Percy, the hero, proposes Rose and she agrees to marry him.
  • Lord Septic, the villain
  • Crouch the bully
  • Rose the damsel in distress
  • Percy the hero
  • Simple and clear language
  • Dialogue – exaggeration, repetition of words

terima kasih sebab propa :)


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